Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Release Date!

The post office is busy shipping out the pre-orders of "Down at the Golden Coin" today.

Meanwhile, a very nice review of the book was posted on Karyn Bowman's blog "Notes from Rumbly Cottage".

A highlight: "It was bright, introspective, unfailingly honest. Sarcasm is spoken well here. I am the type of person who reads for beautiful descriptive sentences. There is this one… “Like no other man I’ve known, Jake reeks of success.“ It tells me everything I need to know about this guy, at least what he looks like – his confidence, his swagger. I also look for characters to remain true to their basic personality traits. When a messiah comes along to give you a message, I wonder how any of us would act but I knew Annie was being real. She was scared but intrigued, as much as she said she wanted real answers the truth of her life frightened her. More importantly, I never felt that Annie, Violet or the other characters acted unlike themselves. They stayed true to themselves, stayed true to their codes which can be really hard when the writer is fighting for a happy ending. The book was worth my time, a worthwhile read. If Kim tells me she has another book coming out, you can bet I am in line waiting for my copy."

Get your copy of the book today! It's just one click away.

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