Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Countdown to "Down at the Golden Coin"

The pre-orders are coming in for "Down at the Golden Coin" by Kim Strickland. We'll be shipping out those orders on March 20th, the official release date of the book.

You may or may not realize that in addition to being an author, blogger, and mom, Kim Strickland is a pilot for a major airline. That explains the nice write up in the current issue of Air Line Pilot Magazine.

Here's a little taste: "Kim Strickland crafts an intriguing and curious tale in the Golden Coin Laundromat, and the reader will be invested in this story as it unfolds, as truths are learned, and as Annie's reality is affirmed."

"Down at the Golden Coin" will send you soaring. Pre-order your copy today. The first one hundred orders will receive a thematically appropriate golden dollar coin (which sadly, will definitely not feature the face of any president that served since the Wright Brothers' first flight. They did that during Teddy Roosevelt's presidency, and his golden dollar coin doesn't come out until next year. At best, you may get one featuring the face of Grover Cleveland. At least he was still alive when the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk.)

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