Monday, March 26, 2012

More Love for "The Living Wills"

We'd like to thank Lydia Rypcinski, the membership services/marketing and events director of the Illinois State Bowling Proprietor's Association, for a nice mention of "The Living Wills" in their latest "Prarie State Proprietor" newsletter (on page 8, for those of you looking at your copy at home).

The bowling press has been very kind to our little novel. Apparently not too many novels these days take place in a bowling alley. As the Prarie State Proprietor mentions, "The Living Wills" has several chapters that take place in a real life Chicago bowling alley, Waveland Bowl.

Waveland Bowl has been quite supportive of our book too. If you order the book now from the Eckhartz Press website, you will even receive a very generous coupon from Waveland Bowl.

Order your copy today at the Eckhartz Press bookstore.

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