Thursday, March 8, 2012

Countdown to "Down at the Golden Coin"

The pre-orders are coming in for "Down at the Golden Coin" by Kim Strickland. We'll be shipping out those orders on March 20th, the official release date of the book.

We're not the type of publisher that engages in needless hyperbole, so when we make a claim about one of our books, we mean it. Want to hear the truth about "Down at the Golden Coin"?

"Down at the Golden Coin" is the greatest novel featuring a can of Grape Fanta (in a crucial scene, no less) ever written.

That's right, we said it. And we're not backing down from that claim.

Sue us, if you think you've got a better one. Not a jury in America will agree with you.

"Down at the Golden Coin" is also guaranteed to make you think. Pre-order your copy today. The first one hundred orders will receive a thematically appropriate golden dollar coin (which may or may not feature the face of Chester Arthur, the president with the greatest presidential sideburns of all time.)

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