Monday, March 12, 2012

Countdown to "Down at the Golden Coin"

The pre-orders are coming in for "Down at the Golden Coin" by Kim Strickland. We'll be shipping out those orders on March 20th, the official release date of the book.

Kirkus Reviews has read Kim's book, and they posted their very positive review on-line. You can read the full review here. This is our favorite part...

"Strickland, in her second novel, effectively combines the earnestness of Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life with the didactic voice of The Secret. With its timely, relatable story peppered liberally with pop-culture references and religious conviction, Strickland’s novel should strike a chord with readers who will relate to Annie’s struggles and search for a happier future. A lesson in faith and the power of positive thinking, all nestled within a satisfying story."

"Down at the Golden Coin" is guaranteed to make you think. Pre-order your copy today. The first one hundred orders will receive a thematically appropriate golden dollar coin (which may or may not feature the face of Benjamin Harrison, a president that is not related to Beatle George in any way.)

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