Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Love for "Down at the Golden Coin"

Eckhartz Press author Kim Strickland gets some love from across the pond, a British book review site had this to say about "Down at the Golden Coin"...

This book is funny, serious, enlightening, and thought provoking. It is a story told of a young woman who is struggling with numerous problems in her life, and who meets her messiah Violet, with blue streaked hair and a nose stud, at just the right moment in a launderette.

It is easy to relate to the main character Annie, who has heard all the self help, spiritual guidance stuff before, read ‘The Secret’, and lots more, and still her life is falling to bits. She is taken through some past life experiences and even jumps ahead to a possible future for a while, which eventually starts to make sense to her about what she has to learn about positive thought and all kinds of forgiveness.

The book is written in a simple straight forward style and is a very comfortable read, albeit, with hints of telepathy and small miracles. There is a small cast of characters in the story but everyone is well drawn and is essential. There are some laugh out loud one liners, i.e. when Xavier’s dad asks to borrow some fabric softener, Annie thinks-

‘If I’d overheard what we were talking about, I’d have turned around and walked away. Taken my chances with static cling.’ Very funny in context.

The ending of the book is a nice twist and leaves you with a satisfied feeling and a smile on your face. If this book doesn’t change your life for the future it might just make you think carefully about how to deal more positively with the present.

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