Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Announcing: The Balding Handbook

One month from today, Eckhartz Press will be shipping our newest book: "The Balding Handbook: 5 Stages of Grieving for your Hair Loss" by David Stern. On November 1st we'll start taking pre-orders for this self-help classic, at the Eckhartz Press website.

David Stern is no ordinary cueball. He's a fully actualized bald man. Stern has gone through all five stages of grieving for his hair (that's the author on the cover during stage 4), and he's now in a better place. If you or someone you know wants to join him there, "The Balding Handbook" will provide you with a road map.

"The Balding Handbook" takes you beyond those embarrassing denial moments (hats, combovers, plugs, pieces), keeps you out of jail during that angry second stage, helps you construct a perfect offer to God while you bargain for your hair back, comforts you through the depths of balding depression, and brings you into the light. Of course, you'll need sunscreen when you get there, but the few extra bucks you shell out to the Tropicana people is a trifle when you consider the incredible life that awaits you after reading this book. Whether you're a fellow sufferer, or just a mean person that wants to give this book as a gag gift to that baldy you know ("Tee hee, Get it? You're bald!"), The Balding Handbook is for you.

"The Balding Handbook" isn't just a book. It is going to change the world...$15.95 at a time.

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