Friday, June 15, 2012

Randy on the Radio

If you're a radio fan, and would like to hear Eckhartz Press author Randy Richardson discussing his book "Cheeseland", you don't have to be in the town of the radio stations to hear him. Simply click on the station call letters to listen to the interviews streaming live on the station websites...

*June 18, 2012
Monday, 9.20 AM EDT/8.20 AM CDT
Morning Show (Bob Langstaff) WAMV 1420 AM
(Amherst, Virginia)

*June 20, 2012
Wednesday, 9.10 AM CDT
Breakfast Club WCUB AM
(In Cheeseland!)

*June 21, 2012
Thursday, 10:30 am CDT
KORN 1490 AM Let’s Talk (Clay Mick)
(South Dakota)

*June 26, 2012
Tuesday, 7 pm CDT/6 PM MT
The Ken Hudnall Show
Borderland Radio Network
(EL Paso, TX)

*June 28, 2012
Thursday, 9 AM PDT/11AM CDT
The Two O'Clock Show (Ken Johannessen)KPQ Radio

*July 2, 2012
Monday, 9.35 AM EDT/8.35 AM CDT

*July 12, 2012
Thursday, 8.30 AM CDT
Talkline (Bob Krejcarek) WLDY AM
(In Cheeseland!)

*September 13, 2012
Thursday, 3 PM PDT/5 PM CDT
Red River Radio No Limits

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