Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet Brendan Sullilvan

For those of you writers attending the UW-Madison Writer's Institute next weekend, be sure to catch the presentation of Eckhartz Press author Brendan Sullivan ("The Living Wills")

Here's what the website promises he'll be discussing on Saturday morning, April 14...

"8:15-9:20 – The Play is the Thing with Brendan Sullivan
Being a "serious writer" can be an oxymoron. While surely there is a role for structure, planning, ritual & commitment in a successful writing career, creative consultants remind us that real serious work gets done only when we PLAY. Writers have to remember to find or create the fun in their craft. This lively and experiential session will cover the latest theory, case studies, and insights around play and its role in the creative process and illustrate examples of how to tap play to be at your best."

On Sunday morning, he'll be discussing the following topic between 9-10:30...

"Creative Bypasses and Detours for Better Driving with Brendan Sullivan
This session will expose participants to at least several exercises and tools to enhance creativity in one's creative and career management process. Detours and excursions are often the best routes to creative breakthroughs in process and career. The class will experientially explore some evocative tools to "get around to it". Tools explored will include: Visual Explorer, Visualization, Forced Connections and Improvisation. There will be some creative output and report back to the group."

For more info about the Annual Writer's Institute, click here.

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