Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making the Rounds

When Brendan and Rick did their interview on WGN-TV last week we had no idea it would make the rounds like it has. It hasn't just aired here in Chicago, it's all over the country including Fox 59 Indianapolis, WTVR Richmond, KCPQ-Seattle, Fox 17 Grand Rapids, KTXL Sacramento, WPIX New York, KTUU Alaska , WGNO New Orleans, WPMT York/Harrisburg/Lebanon/Lancaster, KWCH Kansas City, KDAF Dallas Fort Worth, KTVI St. Louis, My Fox 8 Greensboro/Winston-Salem, WPHL Philadelphia, KDVR Denver, WJW Cleveland, KTSU Utah, Fox 6 Milwaukee, WHNT Huntsville Alabama, Fox 5 San Diego, and many more.

Please disregard everything Rick wrote in his first novel "$everance". This media consolidation thing is obviously better than he thought.

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