Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bi-Lingual Love for "The Living Wills"

Thanks so much to Chicago's German-language newspaper, the Eintracht, for their coverage of our book "The Living Wills". (Learn more about the Eintracht here. It's the history of the newspaper...and of course, it's written in German).

Annerose Goerge did a wonderful writeup about "The Living Wills" on page 2 of the most recent edition, and will also be doing a piece in the Donauschwabischen Nachrichtung, another German language newspaper in Chicago. We'd love to provide you with links to the articles, but they aren't available on the web.

Why is a German newspaper covering this book? Well, Living Wills co-author Rick Kaempfer lived in Germany during his youth, and our company "Eckhartz Press" is named after two German men...Rick's father Eckhard, and co-publisher David Stern's father Fritz.

Thanks so much to die Eintracht for the kind words about our book and our publishing company.

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