Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Pub For "The Living Wills"

The Morning Mouth is a very influential radio trade magazine for creative radio shows, and this morning they mentioned two Eckhartz Press authors, and their new book "The Living Wills". Thanks so much to The Morning Mouth for their kind words.

THE MOUTH, NOVEMBER 28TH, 2011 –– In the executive restroom at Jockline Daily's world headquarters, you'll find copies of Rick Kaempfer's first novel "$everance" (2007), and “The Radio Producers Handbook” (2004). Before becoming a full-time writer, Rick was a nationally recognized radio producer in Chicago for Steve Dahl & Garry Meier (1987-1991) and John Records Landecker (1993-2003). He currently writes a weekly parenting column (“Father Knows Nothing”), a humor column for Shore Magazine (“A Fine Mess”), a daily blog ("Rick Kaempfer") and is editor-in-chief of the Cubs history website, Just One Bad Century. Now comes word of his latest offering: "The Living Wills," to be shipped on December 1st. Co-written with creativity coach Brendan Sullivan. Rick told Jockline Daily: "My co-author Brendan and I met when we were both working at the Loop in Chicago in the late 80s (he was with Brandmeier and I was with Steve & Garry). Coming from a collaborative medium like radio gave us the perfect experience to collaborate on this novel. Plus, we both have pretty thick skin after working as producers, so we could critique each other honestly without worrying about hurt feelings." The Living Wills will be available in paperback.

Rick is especially proud of where they keep his first two books: the executive restroom. "Perfect location," he tells us.

If you still haven't pre-ordered your copy of "The Living Wills", which by the way is also excellent executive restroom reading (short chapters), it's one simple click away.

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